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Optimize your sales

Resova Pay gives you everything you need to process sales and get paid, all in one place.

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Easily take paymentsonline and in-store.

Get paid quickly no matter where your customers shop!Payments will arrive in your wallet in 24-48 hours!

Take payments in store, incentivize tips and have customers pay with Apple Pay or other systems.

Rest easy with PCI compliance, end-to-end encryption and unlimited fraud monitoring

A fully integratedpayments solution

  • Card authorization to reserve spots and guarantee payment
  • Split payments between customers tomake group activities less of a hassle!
  • Simplify bookkeeping with integrated accounting tools
  • In store commerce ready, upsell customers while in location!

Cost-effectiveand transparentprocessing fees

  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Forced Convenience Fees
  • Free Chargeback Support

Supporting all types of activities and tours

See below for all activities and tours that Resova can support. Not sure if we support your business? Get in touch with us to see if Bookify can help make your booking management more efficient.


Let's fix up your dashboards and get you the data you need to make
crucial decisions.

Chargeback Support

Let us help you with dealing with Chargebacks and stop
fraud in its tracks!

Split Payments

Our Split Payments system helps your customers split the bill! No more waiting on Daphne to pay you back!

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The kind of Support you deserve!

Free unlimited Support to help you get the most out of Resova Pay.

  • A real team to talk to! No chat bot hassle.
  • Onboarding to geyou upt and running
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support
  • Chargeback Support
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How do I switch payment providers?

Email your Customer Success Manager and she will send you a form that starts the process!

What is the average deposit time?

You can expect to see money deposited into your account within 24-48 hours after the transaction has occurred.

What happens if I get a chargeback?

Unfortunately, chargebacks can happen. Luckily, you will be charged a single $10 fee and will train you how to fight tooth and nail to dispute the claim.

Is hardware included?

Clover hardware is sold separately. For security purposes, you cannot use any existing terminal hardware you might already have, as these have not been injected with certified firmware.

Can I use Resova Pay for my eCom store?

RAbsolutely. It will save you lots of time, headaches, and money. The second Resova Pay is enabled, you'll instantly have both in-store and online processing.