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Solve the riddle of managing bookings and boosting sales for your escape room

Resova offers highly tailored tools to help you book and manage your escape room bookings, gamemasters, and equipment.

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Our interactive calendar is designed for your unique needs

Instantly see a top-down view of all bookings, available rooms & gamemasters, or refine your view to a specific time period to hone in on your scheduling.

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Easy booking management and intuitive payment integration

With the ability to set custom availability schedules based on open escape rooms and available gamemasters, your customers can book easily on the fly.

Accept payment via credit card or use one of our many supported payment gateways to take payments and deposits at any time.

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Custom pricing for your one-of-a-kind Escape Room business

Choose to offer discounts for larger escape room groups, optional fees for private games, and allow full or per-person payments for groups.

You can even customize your price models based on seasonal trends and time conditions.

Schedule bookings based by escape room or gamemaster availability

Set recurring time slots for your escape room experiences and choose whether to assign gamemasters to time slots and bookings.

Guarantee that no bookings are made without a gamemaster to oversee your customers' escapes.

Improve your customers' escape with optional extras and or up-sell with customizable gift vouchers

Spread your brand, boost customer loyalty and increase profits with optional extras like merchandise, VIP experiences or private events.

Earn extra with gift vouchers too, branded to your business and customizable by customers to forward onto family and friends.

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Protect yourself and your players with digital liability waivers

Resova gives you the power to create and send custom waivers for each participant, then choose whether to have them sign before their booking on-site at reception.

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Powerful marketing tools perfect for escape rooms

Integrate Resova to automatically use your social media and marketing channels to sell last-minute time slots and bookings. You can even collect emails through MailChimp for future promotions or announcements.

Looking to break into the escape room market? We integrate with daily deal sites like Groupon to fill time slots and boost your sales.

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More features for Escape Rooms

Custom Availability

Customize your scheduling with recurring time slots, private options for corporates companies and larger groups and more.


Optionally collect info from all players in a group, and allow each member to pay separately or take one full payment.

Booking Questions

Personalize customers' escapes with booking questions to gain vital info before players arrive to their event.

Payment Request Emails

Send payment requests to allow each player to pay separately at their own convinience before or during their experience.

Password Protect Time Slots

Use Resova to add a password to defined event time slots, then send the code to customers via email or text message.

Authorize & Store Card Details

Store encrypted card details to take payments from cancellations, no-shows or when up-selling merchandise.

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