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Advanced settings help Resova adapt to your unique industry

From activty and tours to large events, discover how our advanced scheduling, availability and pricing settings can support any experiences your business has to offer.

Flexible scheduling for all items and team members

Create custom schedules for each experience and member of your team.

Need to make a change? Customize availability on the fly for items and your team with additional schedules, or from your calendar in just a few clicks.

Offer private or ticket-based bookings with multiple pricing models

Schedule time slots for private reservations or shared events for groups to sell by the ticket.

Customize standard pricing by the experience or by person, with options to create seasonal or group tiered pricing with date and time conditions.

Take a break or close for a vacation

Apply periods and block time slots when your business is closed for holidays, or when team members are on breaks, in meetings or unavailable for the day.

More scheduling and pricing features

Min and Max Booking in Advance

Configure settings that address how near to or far from their availability customers can book in advance.

Availability Conditions

Customize availability on dates, times or days of the week, including how many spaces must be purchased to activate events.

Private Up-Sell Options

Give customers a choice to enhance their experience and enjoy events privately with family and friends for an additional charge.

Taxes & Fees

Set multiple taxes and charge automated custom fees for cancelled or rescheduled bookings and other actions.


Accept deposits for each service so customers can opt to pay the full amount when booking or at the time of their booking.

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