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Take a look below at all major features Resova has to offer your company.

Cloud Based Calendar

As your Resova home base, this interactive calendar offers multiple views and durations to manage bookings and availability anywhere.

Third Party Calendar Integration

Sync Resova with popular third-party calendar apps to expand our powerful scheduling and booking management.

Calendar Customization

Make your calendar your own with custom colors and labels by booking, time slot, service or booking status and payment status.

Staff & Asset Scheduling

Keep your entire staff informed and properly scheduled, and stay on top of vacations, breaks and other time away.

Private or Ticket Availability

Private reservations can be schedueld individually by default, while group or per-person bookings can be sold by the ticket.

Closed Periods & Blocking

Keep customers informed and time slots clear during scheduled closings and holidays, or anytime your staff or facilities are unavailabe..

Min and Max Booking in Advance

Choose how close and how far into the future your customers must book reservations and events in advance to control your scheduling.

Custom Scheduling

With the power to change and adjust staff schedules and time slots, set ongoing default schedules and/or customized one-offs.

Upcoming Bookings

Instantly see your upcoming bookings, make edits and print agendas from anywhere within your Resova account.

Password Protect Time Slots

Choose to lock certain time slots with passcodes, then send the codes to your customers via email or text message.

Time Slot Sharing

Fill those leftover time slots by sharing last-minute availability through email, text and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Simple Booking Management

Our streamlined interface makes creating, editing and managing bookings easier than ever before.

Booking Check-in & Cancellations

Get alerts anytime a customer checks in or requests a cancellation, so you're always informed.

Multiple Payment Options

Accept payments via credit card, major payment gateways, or other options including cash or check.

Service Extras

Offer special extras, add-ons and VIP experiences at the time of booking to enhance your customers' experience.

Gift Vouchers

Offer unique gift vouchers as PDFs that buyers can customize and send to family and friends.

Booking Questions

Ask customers questions unique to their booking for important info, or to personalize bookings.

Shopping Basket

Let users add multiple bookings and purchases to a single transaction.

PDF Invoices

Quickly and easily generate PDF invoices to request and confirm payments from customers.

Payment Links

Send payment links via email and make paying fast, easy and simple for your customers.


Make it easy and straightforward to process refunds and keep customers in the loop about refund status.

Authorize & Store Credit Cards

Request permission from customers to store credit card info for easy future bookings and transactions.

Customer Credit

Offer your customers or refund payments as credit toward future bookings and purchases through Resova.

Booking Notes, Activity & Reports

Record private notes for staff members on bookings as well as activity and data reports.

Site Integration

Integrate Resova's booking interface directly into your existing business website.

Facebook Integration

Take bookings from your corporate Facebook page to get more bookings from customers.

Fully Customizable

Make our tools your own with fully customizable visual settings and arrangements on your site.

Tablet & Mobile Friendly

Your Resova-integrated website is optimized to look beautiful across all devices and display sizes.

Flexible Payment Options

Let your customers to pay by credit card, popular payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe, and more.

Customer Accounts

Store customer info in customer accounts that keep their information ready for future interactions.

Shopping Basket

Activate an optional shopping cart expiration date so customers can purchase multiple bookings at once.

Basket Abandonment

Send customers a reminder email or message when they abandon an item or booking in their basket.

Social Sharing & Incentives

Encourage your customers to share your business on social media and reward them with a discount.

Visitor Tracking

See detailed data and information about who is visiting your website and when.


Resova helps ensure your customers can provide their data in a secure, safe environment.

Superfast Speeds

Resova integrated sites are blazing fast, so your customers never leave a booking out of frustration.

Customer & Staff Notifcations

Create custom, automated notifications to remind staff and customers of bookings and more.

Email Customization

Send customized emails with your company branding with vital information and updates.

Follow Up (Thank-you) Emails

Ensure your customers have a great experience even after their event with personal thank-yous.

Text Messaging

Reach customers through the medium they used most with custom text-message updates.

Custom Fields

With Resova, configure custom fields to get the information your business requires.

Customer Notes & Activity

Track and keep detailed notes on customer activity to learn patterns and help your business grow.

Digital Waivers

Create and send digital waivers which your customers can complete without ever printing a thing.

Customer Reviews

Request and receive customer reviews directly through Resova or popular review aggregators like Yelp and TripAdvisor.


Collect information from each participant in a group and even allow each one to pay individually.

Customer Merging

Merge individual customer accounts into one, keeping your CRM neat and organized.

Staff Scheduling

Easily monitor, create and edit staff schedules so that you're never under or overstaffed.

User Level Permissions

Allow specific staff members full access to your account or restrict them to certain areas.

Automated Notifications

Send automated notification messages to staff about booking changes and other information.

Staff Tracking & Activity

See how and when your staff is working with detailed activity tracking and data collection.

Discount Codes

Provide fixed or percentage discount values for new or existing customers and set custom conditions.

Daily Deals Integration

Quickly import predefined discount codes from daily deal companies such as Groupon, Living Social and Wowcher.

Basket Abandonment

Notify customers through message or email when they've left items in their shopping basket.

Feedback Request

Send automated, personalized feedback requests to get reviews and help improve your business.

MailChimp Integration

Integrate Mailchimp with Resova to automate and collect customer emails for future marketing campaigns.

Social Sharing & Incentives

Offer discounts and incentives for customers who share your offerings on Facebook or Twitter.

Visual Charts

Clear and intuitive visual charts present your business data in a way that's easy to understand.

Exports & Templates

Export your data instantly with preset and customizable templates unique to your preferences.

Google Analytics Integration

Integrate Google Analytics to access their powerful data tools and expand your understanding.

Tracking Codes

Inject custom codes into your site to track conversions and ROI with Google Adwords and Facebook Pixel.

Thank You Page Redirect

Automatically redirect customers to your custom thank-you page after a completed booking.

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