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Know your customers better with powerful tracking tools

In-depth tracking and communication tools bring you and your customers closer than ever, allowing you to build stronger and longer-lasting relationships.

Build a detailed profile of your customers

Collect important details and custom information from customers before their bookings. Then store and organize their information safely and accessibly .

Stay connected

Communication tools help you keep in touch with your customers and track all activity, from the moment customers book your services to the time of their booking and beyond.

Provide dependable security with digital waivers

Require customers and their guests to sign a waiver during the booking process, before they arrive at their booking or on-site for the event.

Collect feedback and improve the quality of your services

See what customers really think. Collect customer reviews through Resova or major sites like TripAdvisor, Facebook and Yelp.

More CRM and waiver features

Collect data on all participants

Request custom information from family and friends of primary customers about their experience.

Customer Notes & Activity

Add private notes for all team members to see and track customer activity, including new bookings and more.

Merge Customers

Keep your CRM tidy with the ability to merge multiple profiles for the same customer into one with just a few clicks.

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