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All-Inclusive Tour & Activity Booking Software

It’s time to bring back the fun to your business. Let Resova do the heavy lifting with our comprehensive, easy-to-use software, designed for businesses that offer tours and activities.

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Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Your Operations

Easily oversee all bookings, staff and assets in real-time with our interactive calendar. Focus on the big picture with a glance at the day, week, or month – so you have maximum visibility and control over your business.

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Manage Bookings & Payments Seamlessly

Edit or reschedule existing bookings in just a few easy steps. Adding more participants? No hassle – done with a single click!

With our wide range of payment options, you can easily accept payments by card with your preferred payment gateway or set up deposits to collect fees at the time of an event. Want to make it even simpler for your customers? Just send them payment links via email.

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Set Custom Pricing & Availability

Make sure you've got something for everyone! Set recurring time slots or custom schedules, or create minimum group requirements to activate certain time slots and events.

Easily customize your prices based on the service type or particular customer categories. Or, create seasonal discounts and other tiered pricing that’s valid only within certain dates and times.

Schedule by Event or Tour Guide Availability

Streamline your operations by setting tour availability and durations to match your business hours, or even set up custom schedules for each event and staff member individually. Need to make changes? You can customize availability with additional schedules – all from your calendar in just a few clicks!

Upsell Customers With Extra Perks

Bring in more revenue by elevating your customers’ experience. Invite them to upgrade their booking with extra perks – a private guide, food, drinks, merch… you name it! You can even upsell gift vouchers so they can share their incredible experience with friends and family.

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Know Your Customers

Get all the info you need from your customers to create a perfect, memorable experience. Ask questions relevant to their specific booking and get ahead of the game by sending them important information in advance.

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Create and Send Custom Waivers

Take the burden off your customers and staff. Send out digital waivers in advance so that once participants arrive, they can get right to the fun.

Easily Manage Your Field Operators

Your guides and operators are often out in the field, away from a computer. Keep them in the know with robust, user-friendly software accessible across all their devices, so they're always up to date on schedules!

Unlock More With Our Tour and Activity Booking Software

From booking and payments to marketing and communications, Resova lets you effortlessly run your entire business from a single place, on multiple devices.

Shared & Private

Customize whether to allow private bookings or stick to shared experiences with multiple groups simultaneously.

Custom Availability

Set recurring time slots or custom schedules, and even create minimum group requirements to activate certain time slots and events.

Booking Questions

Ask your customers questions during booking to help personalize the experience or help you prepare for their event.

Payment Request Emails

Send payment requests for due balances, allowing each group member to pay separately.

Password Protect Time Slots

Create password-protected time slots, then privately send the password to customers over email or text.

Authorize & Store Card Details

Authorize and store customer card details securely to make future payments easier.

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Tour & Activity Businesses That Use Resova

No matter your niche, Resova is here to support your business with the most all-inclusive tour activity and tour booking software. Get in touch with our team and schedule your private tour!

Axe Throwing
Boat Tours
Bowling Centers
Bungee Jumping
Deep Sea Fishing
Haunted Tours
Helicopter Tours
Hot Air Balloon Tours
Rock Climbing
Scuba Diving
Segway Tours
VR Arcades
Whale Watching
White Water Rafting
Zip Lining

... and so much more. Can't find if we support your business and services? Get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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